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Well, hope you like your stay here!

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GShibeBoi's News

Posted by GShibeBoi - 1 hour ago

Yeah, there really isn't anything else to say besides the title.

I plan on making a news post, talking about random stuff that's happened, happening rn, and will happen.

Guess you could call it an "Update Post". :>

I wanted to make it earlier, but I had other things to do, so ye. (I was also tired asf from things that I will talk about in the post.)

So anyways, look forward to it, if you guys want to.

I'm gonna put some effort into it, so I would love feedback when I post it, but that's up to yall if you wanna give it.



Posted by GShibeBoi - 6 days ago

Heya, guys!

Since you're here, you must have read the Subject so... yeah. :3

It's my birthday today.

I'm now 16, and I feel like an old man. XD

I don't really know what else to say on that topic.

So, moving on...

There really isn't anything else I have to say at the moment.

I still have the art block, but I'm feeling a LOT better, so I might start drawing soon. (Which is good, because I have 30+ art requests to fulfill.) OwO

I managed to make this though. I used my mousepad to draw this on a Zoom Whiteboard. (Which was HARD ASF- but it was fun to do.)


I might redraw it when I get my drawing mojo back if you guys want me to.

Well, gotta blast and dash past yall!

(And also thanks again @bombman501 & @OceanFurry for making me art for my birthday!)

Mvn, I know this is off-topic, but have my Discord (again cause I'm on there more than here) before I go: GShibeBoi#2514

  • Your (slightly older) lil buddy, Reggie



Posted by GShibeBoi - 8 days ago

I just don't know why.

I've really wanted to draw since I made that Cress drawing, but EVERY time I try to draw a sketch, it comes out terrible.

Maybe I just need a break for a few days.

I don't really want to, but I don't want to make crappy content for yall.

So... all requests (around 32 and probably a reason I have art block ngl) I have will be put on hold.

Sorry guys. I just don't want to risk quality over quantity content-wise.

Hope this slump is over soon. -m-

Well, gotta blast and dash past ya.

  • Ya goofy lil boi, Reggu



Posted by GShibeBoi - 12 days ago

Heya guys!

How have you been? Hope it's been easy-going or somewhat decent for yall.

So, now down to business, since we all know what we came for. (Thank god for the subjects section.) XD

So with school now being out for me, I took most of my stuff from school home, including my binders from my classes, since I bought them.

While I was going through them, looking for doodles, I realized that the dang cover of my science binder was art.

Here's what it looked like:


This was a project me and my mother both worked on, actually.

Since I wasn't really that good at dynamic letters (and I'm still not), I asked my mother to make the letters, while I did the coloring and background effects.

I'm not quite sure where the original drawing went, so all I had for the cover was a copy.

So yeah, my binder was snazzy for the school year. XD

And that's the story.

I don't know what else to say, so ima head out.

Hope you guys liked this! :D



Posted by GShibeBoi - 2 weeks ago

Heya, guys!

I got some great news. (By this point, you know where I'm going with this.)

I showed a demo shot of a recent fanart piece (which is not posted at the time of writing) to my friend, and he loved it.

The set of events that happened next was shocking to me, and I'll let you in on the scoop.

(Btw, this art [and this news post if you wanna technical] is for my buddy @MoistyDoggo.)

DISCLAIMER: If you don't like me showing this Cameron (can I call ya that?), I'll get rid of the more noticeable parts, or the whole thing if you want me to. -w-

Well anyhoo, now to the story since all the important things are outta the way.

Last night, I opened up NG and got greeted by this message.


I already had YT open at the time, so I quickly raced into my subscriptions section and clicked on my buddys channel, and was met with this. :3


(This next paragraph is mainly directed to Cameron, fyi.)

I almost cried, deadass.

Thanks so much, bro! It means the world for you to do this.

I never expected it, and that's what makes it even more thoughtful of you.

And hey, since I'm still making fanart for ya, when I make your new sona, you can use that instead! (If you want, of course.)

And for everyone else, here's the image that I took. I plan to take a better one, but not until my ban is lifted. (And totally not because I lost the device I use to take them.) XD


Well, that's the end of the story.

One more thing though...

PLEASE check out Cameron's YT Channel!

He makes fantastic content, like memes, random animations, and even did a voice reveal recently!

(Ya voice is baller, bud.) -w-

Drop a sub, and hit that bell for more content from him!

Welp, gotta blast and dash past yall!

  • Tha pencil and paper rookie sensation (to yall of course), Reggie


Posted by GShibeBoi - 3 weeks ago


THE HURDLE IS OVER- yeah that's enough screaming. XD

But yeah, my state testing is now over (as of yesterday)!

I did well, so I will be put in advanced classes next year. (Boy, ain't that a doozy.) -w-

Actually, here's my scores! (On a scale of 1-5, according to the way the grades are ranked.)

  • Math = 377 (Level 5!)
  • ELA = 364 (2 points away from Level 5!)

So yeah, your bois smart igs. XP

Anyhoo, that's about it.

Expect more interactions from me in the near future.

And art when my ban is lifted (on the 23rd, which is less than a week away)!

Don't forget about my Q&A, as well.

Welp, thanks for reading yall, and I'm UP, OVER, and GONEEEEEEE- XD

  • That little smart kid you know and love, Reggie



Posted by GShibeBoi - May 2nd, 2023

Should I have to explain that much?

I mean... If you read the title, its not hard to guess what I'm about to talk about. XD

(Okay, I'll stop being a smart-ass.)

So anyways, haiya yall.

How have all of you been? I hope its been good.

I've been holding up nicely.

But, lets get to the point. Thats what we came for. :\

For the next 3 weeks (counting this week), I will have state testing every tuesday that will decide my future in school.

So, that means that I will have to hold off on a lot of things. I'll list a few things:

  • I will not be online on Discord for as long as I normally am. (I will not also be online every night.)
  • I wont be using Newgrounds that much. (Its time consuming, ya know?)
  • Any future drawings will be put on hold untill after my testing. (I have some in the works, but its just on paper because I'm still grounded from my drawing tablet.) -m-
  • My Q&A will be put on hold as well. (Literally like only 5 people gave me questions, so its gonna suck.) XP
  • Any replies from me for art and other stuff will happen less. (Thats the hard one.)

Well, thats about it.

Hey, thanks for reading. It means a lot that you spent some time to hear me ramble about events in my life.

I love you yall, and I'll catch ya on the flip side.

Now, i'm UP, OVER, and GONE- XD

Your lil fren and goofy companion, Reggie



Posted by GShibeBoi - April 27th, 2023

Hey yall, I'm not DEAD- XD

Okay, I'll just get to the point.

My little mega-stuff Oreo (or @MeowMeowTaxi to everyone else), is about to reach 20 fans! :3

And... I need ALL of yall to help him reach that goal (and BEYOND).

His art is beyond amazing.

Even without color, he makes up with superb detail and shading.

I could take a LOT of pointers from him when it comes to making art on paper.

Please go visit his page, and give him praise for his art! He deserves it. -w-

Well, I dont have anything else to say.

Might as well show yall some of my digital art, so yall know I'm drawing. (I'm grounded from it rn because I use it so much.) X_X



(Some fanart for the amazing @MoistyDoggo!)

Welp, gotta speed cheeds!

I got some boy kisser memes to doodle. XD

  • The boi yall know and love and somehow have 111 followers because of yall, Reggie



Posted by GShibeBoi - April 13th, 2023

Hey yall- you know what? Let's just get to the point. XD

I must state a few things before I start though.

All of these requests WILL be completed. Even though I've been banned for 29 more days, that won't stop me from fulfilling my promise to all of you. All I have to do is send yall the art via email until I can post again. -w-

Another thing to state would be that most of these requests will be digital art because I don't have the necessary materials to be up to my standards. (I want it to blow yall away, cause why not?)

My tablet should be coming in the mail by Monday, and if it doesn't come by then... I gotta reorder the dang thing. (Stupid postal service.)

Well, now let's get to the requests! All of the current request I have by the time of writing is listed below, along with references (if possible) and a brief description of what I plan to draw.

(If I forgot a request, please comment about it and I will write it in!)

I plan to draw her ocs in various drawings, depending on their bios.

Ima draw this little bugger with a goofy face, holding up peace signs. XD

I'm not quite sure actually, I'll find out when I get to this point. -w-

I plan to draw Cameron's new demon ref along with the old one in a split drawing, and I'll find out when I get to Good Actor and Cameron's normal form. I'll draw Hanazono with a dreamy aura if I can. :D

The plan for this tall reptile is to draw him in a cool side-angle pose, holding up a peace sign. (Cause why not?) :3

I am not sure about this one either, because I just got this request. -m-

I plan to draw a full-body piece of this feline, probably going after their rival, El Quapo.

I was asked to draw her with Power (from chainsaw man), doing whatever I choose. Ima make it goofy, then. XD

There wasn't anything specifically requested, so I'll think about it when I get to this point.

Nothing specific was asked, so its time for a goofy drawing. >:3

And that's all I can find across Newgrounds and Discord. (Heres mine btw: GShibeBoi#2514)

Again, if I missed a request, please comment about it and I will add it to the list.

Thanks for reading guys, and god have mercy on my pin nibs. XD

~Tha little goofball yall know and love enough to give 107 follows to, Reggie~



Posted by GShibeBoi - April 12th, 2023

Heh, do I have a shitty story for yall tonight.

See, I was planning to make a news post listing all of the art requests that I've made and received, explaining what the concept was for each one and how I would make it. (I may do that still, but you'll see why I might not in a minute.)

I open up Newgrounds, and I see 9 emails.

My first thought was that some of my friends went crazy and contacted me. XD

And I was right, but only a little bit though.

It seems that someone reported ALL of my M-rated art to M-Bot, and all of the art pieces ended up getting deleted.

Now, I can tolerate that (because I regretted making them)... But that was only 6 of the 9 emails.

The 7th was... Well... let me just show you. (The last 2 was just friend emails, but thats beside the point.)



I'm not kidding, this is what I see whenever I try to post art.


I'm pissed about this. I cant explain how much, but you can probably tell.

But in all honesty... I get it.

Techancally, I'm still a minor. I shouldnt of even made those drawings. And now I'm paying the price for it.

So, what this basecally means is... I wont be posting art for a month. (Unless they lift the ban sooner, but thats probably not gonna happen.)

I will use the news post sections to show art untill then, but thats about it.

I'm sorry, yall. This is kinda my fault.

Now I know better, but it really dosent matter now.

Well, thats about it.

Talk to yall when I can, and thanks for reading.

~*insert some stupid ass outro here*~